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First General Assembly

Foundational Act

The Commodity and Energy Markets Association is a no-profit organization set up in Paris on December 16, 2015, under the endorsement of  scholars at Oxford University, 

University of Duisburg-Essen (legal office), University Paris Dauphine, University of St. Gallen, Wroclaw University of Technology, University of Sussex, and ESSEC Business School.
A summarized version of the Association bylaws will soon be available for consultation on this website.

Aims and Scope

The Commodity and Energy Markets Association aims at promoting research in all fields concerned with markets for commodities and energy sources. Specifically, the Association acts for:

  • Incentivizing interaction across disciplines such as economics, finance, financial mathematics, operations research, and management;
  • Bridging international collaborations among scholars involved in active research in public and private institutions;
  • Organizing scientific conferences and workshops endeavoring to raise visibility and impact of academic research in this field;
  • Advertising initiatives and research opportunities through a dedicated website


For the year 2016, membership can be acquired by either standard registration available of this website starting on March 1 or by registering to 
the Energy and Commodity Finance Conference 2016.

General Assembly
The first general assembly takes place on June 23, 2016, at ESSEC Business School upon the Energy and Commodity Finance Conference 2016. All members of the association are 
entitled to participate to the Assembly and have the right of one vote for all decisions taken about the Association. The general assembly shall particularly decide on the election and 
dismissal of the members of the Board, the election of the two cash auditors, the acceptance of the annual report and the approval of the activities of the Board, the determination of 
the amount and timing of the annual fee, the resolution with respect to any amendment to the Articles of Association.